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"Unblessing Life"

Crawling In Disgrace!
So much pain, that I cannot pretend
Restless soul shocking in hollowness.. In hollowness!

Emptiness this soul completely this hole
Reality of this fate is denied in this only hope
choose in my own path..

I don't feel alright..
I never able being careless..

How can I explain in despair?, I will walk through this hell

Ya Tuhan begitu pekatnya ruang jiwaku
hanya kematian terus samar memanggil
singkirkan harapan yang terus memudar
Semakin tak bermakna, semakin tak bercahaya
Inikah garis hidup yang tak terberkati..

I will walk.. through this Hell..
Heal this wounded soul!

Heal this soul,
I'm just an empty word, sound of meaningless
Buried in speechless.. Despair!
How can I explain in despair?

How can I explain from despair?
I will walk through this hell Shut up!

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